The World of Automatic Watering

House IrrigationIrrigation Systems Company, and its associated company Irrigation Systems Company Projects Limited will design and install any form of irrigation system from a small domestic watering system to a large sugar estate.


We have been in business for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience in all aspects of irrigation and watering systems, including Agricultural Irrigation, Horticultural Irrigation, Landscape and Garden Irrigation, Recreational Irrigation, Golf Course Irrigation, Fountain and Cascade Systems, Greenhouse Developments, Micro-Propagation Facilities, Agricultural and Horticultural Project Development, Mushroom & Sprout Cultivation, Water and Sewage Treatment for Irrigation Use, Compost Production Forestry Establishment and Environmental Impact Studies.

We have designed this website to give you the fundamentals of irrigation and watering systems, including the need for water, what an automatic watering system is, the efficiency and economy the system and how it works.

An automatic watering system is the only way you can ensure that your garden or landscape stays in pristine condition throughout the summer whilst keeping water use to a minimum, minimising inconvenience by operating at night and eliminating the chore of hand watering. It is the only way to keep the garden, patio, baskets and planters watered whilst away or on holiday: without employing a gardener to do it, with all the cost and inefficiency that that involves. Automatic watering will help establish expensive new plants and get new landscapes and gardens growing and maturing as fast as possible, protecting the time and investment made in the garden.

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